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Evenmore have extensive experience in web design and development, graphic design, mobile application development and online marketing. We contribute to one another’s thoughts, ideas and pull together our passion and dedication to give our clients the very best quality of our work to maintain our reputation.

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  • We build Powerful Websites
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Our Mission

Our Mission is a key strengths & commitment to total customer satisfaction, highly qualified Experts, multinational resource pool, availability, flexibility, reliability and fast turnaround Our goal is to be your first contact when looking for the right solution to your business needs.


Our Goal

Our Goal is To develop enduring relationships with clients across the globe, by providing highly Qualified professional and streamlined services at cost effective and competitive prices.


Our Vision

Our vision is to give your ideas that life and to make your business coordinate effectively and work smoothly.

Android Development features

We live in the times where there is a mobile app for every reason you know. From shopping to entertainment, online classes to games, mobile apps have conquered every known realm of business. The core functionality of our smartphones depends on mobile apps. Android is ruling the mobile world. With over 80% of the android mobile users in the world population, it becomes an explicit statement of why your business needs an android app? Yes, this is one such operating system that is single-handedly conquering the smartphone sector.

Advantages of Android platform

  • Tools and APIs
  • Network, Compass, Camera, accelerometer.
  • Features of Video camera, Touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS and 3G networks
  • Interprocess communication message passing.

Graphics and Logo Designing

In graphics development company is committed to empower worldwide customers with innovative ideas and experiments through a broad spectrum of our services. we create the right image for your company is crucial. The image you portray to the world is a powerful message you are sending regarding your company's philosophy, professionalism and credibility. A logo is the brand identity of a business organization and needs to effective convey the company's philosophy. A logo is akin to your company’s face to the world, The logos so created can be then utilized in all your marketing materials, whether online or offline (for printing). Accomplish the Excellence through Visual Communication.

Graphic Designing Visual aesthetics bring trust to your customers. A 360° brand marketing solution is incomplete if it doesn’t appeal to your audiences. A strong visual brand identity is a vital element of your brand. It not only includes mere colours and designs but sprouts the very essence of your core business values. In other words, your visual identity must resonate your brand identity.

PHP Development

In this competitive era, businesses with solid web presence stay on the forefront. With a whopping 97% of people who search online to find local businesses near them, it becomes evident that getting yourself on the world wide web is highly crucial. But do you think creating a website and putting some content and images is all that it takes to get traction? Not at all. The major goal of your online presence should be to connect with your audiences in a way that they place their trust in you and start taking business from you.

  • Brand Website:-transform your business into a brand
  • E-Commerce:-A budding eCommerce business or a tried and true one, without a powerful website
  • API Development:-An application programming interface (API) is a lines of instructions which allow our system to interact with any other system in a secure way and with minimal dependency. APIs are a big part of the web. When two systems (websites, desktops, smartphones) link up through an API, we say they are "integrated." In an integration, you have two sides, each with a special name. One side : the server. This is the side that actually provides the API. It helps to remember that the API is simply another program running on the server .

Two Types Of Marketing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that helps your site rank better in search engines. We offers quality Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • SMO (social media optimization) is helping and simple realizing the updates of particular person, company, living or non living thing on website by encouraging thoughts. Social Media Optimization is one of those powerful methods for increasing the online presence of a firms & industries to generate more business.


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